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Photo of AMU clinic exterior

48 units / 960 hrs


After completing 69 quarter units of specific didactic course requirements as defined in the Clinic Entrance Exam Application form, students may register for Level I after successfully passing this exam. Students must also have a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid certificate among other requirements before registering for the clinic.

Clinic Level I: Clinic Observation     6 units / 120 hrs

Interns at this level are assistants who observe treatment procedures, discuss reasoning and begin to formulate their own opinions, in writing, assistants describe and evaluate treatment rationales and do a medical literature search. First Level Interns are expected to assist upper level interns chart acupuncture points, perform moxibustion, cupping, massage and all non-invasive therapies within the scope of practice. In this 120-clinical hours, students should spend 20-hours to observe exclusive treatment from clinic supervisor including their intake, exam, diagnosis and treatment. Students will then discuss the case with the supervisor.


Passing Clinic Internship Entrance exam , current C.P.R.card and CNT Certificate.

BS110, BS120, BS130, BS221 – 224, OM111 – 112, OM201 – 203, AC100,

AC111 – 112, AC201 – 202, HB110, At least 2 of HB121 – 124, WM100, WM310

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