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Traditional Medicine Foundation

Traditional Chinese Medicine     39 Units     360 Hours

Basic Theory of TCM

This is a two-part series course covering the basic principles and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  These courses serve as the theoretical foundation for the various departments of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Basic Theory of TCM 1      3 units / 30 hrs

Discuss basic principles and theories of traditional East Asian Medicine, including  the theory  of yin and yang; five elements; physiological functions of the Zang- Fu organs; the formation and function of qi, blood, essence, and body fluids; and the nature of the human being , as well as  the normal anatomy and physiology of the healthy person.  Discuss the theoretical foundation for the various departments of traditional East Asian Medicine. Discuss  importance of pattern differentiation as a guide to diagnosis and treatment.

Basic Theory of TCM 2      3 units / 30 hrs

Discuss traditional pathological concepts of traditional Chinese medicine.  Discuss the six external pathogens, the seven emotions and miscellaneous factors can lead to disharmony in the body and result in pathology. Discuss the effects of over-tonifying or sedating a patient, Yin/Yang imbalance, and the dysfunctions of Qi, Blood, and Body Fluids. Discuss basic principles of disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

Prerequisite: None.  Recommended OM111 to study in OM112

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