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Staff And Services

Photo of David Lee, President of AMU.

Lee, David


Photo of Qing Ma, Director of Admissions.

Ma, Qing

Director of Admissions

Photo of Kenny Chu, Dean of the Clinic.

Chu, Kenny

Dean of the Clinic

Photo of Qiu Yang Mo, Librarian.

Mo, Qiu Yang


Photo of Jerome Jiang, Dean of Faculty/Academic Consultant.

Jiang, Jerome

Dean of Faculty/Academic Consultant

Photo of Adrianus Wong, Vice President/Chief Academic Officer.

Wong, Adrianus

Vice President/Chief Academic Officer

Hah, Megan

Dean of Student Affairs

Photo of Luke Chen, Director of Financial Aid.

Chen, Luke

Director of Financial Aid

Photo of Xiaoting Ding, University Registrar.

Ding, Xiaoting

University Registrar

Photo of Helen Li, Office Manager.

Li, Helen

Office Manager

Corporate Staff

Kevin Chen, M.B.A.

Chief Financial Officer

Ariel Qi, B.S.

Human Resource Manager

Photo of Yue Lu, Professor/Doctorate Program Tutor.

Lu, Yue 

Professor/Doctorate Program Tutor

Photo of Lorraine Wilcox, Professor.

Lorraine Wilcox


Photo of Allan Chang, Doctorate Program Tutor.

Chang, Allan

Doctorate Program Tutor

Photo of Xuping Gu, Professor.

Gu, Xuping


Photo of Mingdong Li, Professor.

Li, Mingdong


Photo of Lei (Jerry) Song, Professor.

Song, Lei Jerry


Photo of Seung Choi, Professor.

Choi, Seung


Photo of Ming Zhao, Professor.

Zhao, Ming


Photo of Henry Kuo, Clinic Supervisor.

Kuo, Henry

Clinic Supervisor

Photo of Jun Zhi Yan, Clinic Supervisor.

Yan, Jun Zhi 

Clinic Supervisor 

Photo of Changqing Yang, Professor.

Yang, Changqing


Photo of XingSheng Xu, Professor.

Xu, XingSheng


Photo of Peng Pai Hsiang, professor.

Hsiang, Peng Pai


Photo of Jing Wen, Clinic Manager.

Wen, Jing

Clinic Manager

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