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The Mission of Alhambra Medical University   

  • To provide educational programs and community-based healthcare services in a supportive community focused on student-centered learning and professionalism.

  • Educational Purpose

    The Educational Purpose is  

  • To develop graduates who can provide effective acupuncture and traditional medicine services as health care professionals in the US healthcare system.

  • Professional Program Goals

    • Student Community Cultivate a community that supports the health, diversity and growth of our students.

    • Curriculum and Clinical Training
      Provide an educational curriculum and clinical training that develops competence in patient care and professional practice.

    • Develop ability to assess and incorporate relevant developments in research and scholarship to
      enhance their patient care competencies and support their professional practice.

    • Clinical Services
      Provide clinical services are a model of effective healthcare and successful professional practice.

    • Provide educational experiences sufficient to enable graduates to collaborate with acupuncture and
      other health care practitioners in providing effective patient care.

    • These program goals are further detailed in the following learning outcomes.



    Graduates are able to: 

    Patient Care Domain

    Program graduates are able to:

    ​Intake and Examination

    • Acquire health history and essential information focused on chief clinical complaints through appropriate and relevant primary biomedical and traditional Asian medical examinations. 

    • Perform advanced biomedical and traditional medical examinations;

    Assessment and Diagnosis

    • Assess findings from intake and examination and organize signs and symptoms according to foundational theories to form a working diagnosis of patterns and disorders

    • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills of biomedical assessment to effectivelycollaborate with and refer to appropriate healthcare practitioners

    Treatment Strategy and Performance

    • Based on the working diagnosis of patterns and disorders form a treatment strategy and perform appropriate treatment modalities toward intended treatment goals.

    Case Management and Collaboration

    • Communicate treatment plan with individual patients and other healthcare providers throughout the course of treatment to cooperatively achieve treatment goals.

    • Demonstrate integrative knowledge and skills to effectively co-manage patient cases with biomedical practitioners.

    Professional Practice Domain

    Program graduates are able to:

    Educational Outreach

    • Explain and discuss the applicability of AOM to bio medically-defined diseases with other health care professionals in their own relevant scientific theories and terms..

    Practice Management

    • Demonstrate knowledge and capacity to comply with all legal and ethical responsibilities of a licensed healthcare professional.


    • Demonstrate knowledge and capacity to operate in common healthcare settings sufficient to achieve professional practice goals.

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