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Photo of professor talking to two students at a table in the AMU library.

Student Life

Alhambra Medical University places a high value on the quality of student life both in and out of the classroom.

We provide an environment that encourages involvement in a wide variety of activities of an academic and nonacademic nature, including clubs, community service opportunities, and various committees designed to enhance the quality of student life.

Student Housing | Alhambra Medical University does not assume responsibility for student housing, does not have dormitory facilities under its control, nor offer student housing assistance. The Student Services Staff can advise students on local affordable rentals. Housing located within 5-10 miles radius is available year-round and cost ranges from a $800 studio to around $2,500 two bedroom apartment.

Parking | Free ample parking in the rear of the main University building. Ample street parking surrounds the campus. Street parking is available in front of the University and is not metered or limited by time.

High altitude photo of exterior of school.
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