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Traditional Medicine Foundation

Traditional Chinese Medicine     39 Units     360 Hours

TCM Diagnosis

A three-course series which studies the OM Diagnosis through detailing the methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCM Diagnosis 1      3 units / 30 hrs

Four Examination methods: Observation, Auscultation (Listening), Inquiry and Palpation. As a hands-on class, Diagnosis students learn to observe the tongue body and coating and to palpate the radial pulse in order to form a more thorough diagnosis.  Students also practice patient interviews, learning to collect pertinent diagnostic information from the patient.

TCM Diagnosis 2     3 units / 30 hrs

Explores different theories of disease differentiation. As such, students learn the concepts and theory behind Eight Principles diagnosis. This course additionally covers Qi, Blood and Body Fluids diagnosis. In preparation for upcoming courses, students will briefly be introduced to Wen Bing (4 levels), Shang Han (6 channels), and San Jiao diagnostics, as well as Earth School theories.  Internal Organs (Zang Fu) pattern differentiation and correlation between Western diagnosis and TCM syndromes are provided.  Treatment plans involving acupuncture and herbs are also discussed

TCM Diagnosis 3     3 units / 30 hrs

This is a composite diagnosis course designed to assist the student in developing the skills necessary to draw correlation between western diagnosis and TCM syndromes.  At the end of this class, students will be able to describe each organ’s associated patterns and will know the key signs and symptoms of each pattern to allow for rapid differentiation in diagnosis. Students will understand the similarities and differences between patterns affecting the Zang and the Fu organs and will be able to combine Eight Principle Differentiation with Zang-Fu Differentiation.  Treatment methods are introduced through the integration of TCM diagnostic philosophies including Channel & Collateral Theory, Conformations according to the Three Warmers, and Progression of Infections Fever Diseases and Six Channel Differentiation. 

Prerequisite: OM201: None. Rec: OM111-112 OM202 & 203: OM201

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