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48 units / 960 hrs


After completing 69 quarter units of specific didactic course requirements as defined in the Clinic Entrance Exam Application form, students may register for Level I after successfully passing this exam. Students must also have a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid certificate among other requirements before registering for the clinic.

Clinic Level III: Guided Practice      22 units / 440 hrs

After completing Level II Assisted Practice and successfully passing of the Level II exit examination, students may register for the Clinic Level III Solo Practice. The clinical Level III training consists of 440 hours and includes a minimum of 350 patient treatments during Levels II & III:

This is the last level of internship before graduation where Senior interns demonstrate a thorough understanding of clinical diagnosis and treatment skills and are expected to perform “solo practice” and assume primary responsibility for treating patients. Interns at this level have less supervision of their activities but must obtain the supervisor’s approval of all treatment decisions. By the end of this

course, an intern must have performed at least 350 treatments in order to graduate.

Furthermore, all clinic level III interns are required to pass the Level III exit examination before being able to continue the last 80 hours of CL311 clinic level III internship.


Passing grade on Clinic Internship Level II Exit exam and a current C.P.R.card

BS311-313, OM301-304, AC401-402, HB201-204, at least 1 HB401-440,

at least 1 WM401-404

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