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Photo of AMU clinic exterior

48 units / 960 hrs


After completing 69 quarter units of specific didactic course requirements as defined in the Clinic Entrance Exam Application form, students may register for Level I after successfully passing this exam. Students must also have a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid certificate among other requirements before registering for the clinic.

Clinic Level I: Herbal Dispensary     2 units / 40 hrs

Supervised training in the herbal pharmacy where interns prepare herbal prescriptions for patients.


Various forms of herbal medication including raw herb decoction, capsule/pill formulations as well as powder extracts are used and interns will learn to select, weigh, and compounding herbal prescriptions.



Passing Clinic Internship Entrance exam , current C.P.R.card and CNT Certificate.

BS110, BS120, BS130, BS221 – 224, OM111 – 112, OM201 – 203, AC100,

AC111 – 112, AC201 – 202, HB110, At least 2 of HB121 – 124, WM100, WM310

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