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The Clinical Practice Curriculum is the cumulation of the program and is designed in integrate and apply all aspects of the program to enable interns to deliver effective patient care.

The internship enables interns demonstrate a thorough understanding of clinical diagnosis and treatment skills and are expected to perform “solo practice” and assume primary responsibility for treating patients.

Level I

 (200 hrs)


The first three weeks of observation is to orient the students with regards to clinic protocol and equipment care. Depending on individual progress, observers may take on increasing responsibility in assisting practitioners with basic functions of practice appropriate to their level of training, such as charting vital signs, taking off cups upon completion of cupping techniques, performing certain tui-na and acupressure techniques, preparation for herbs (Grinding, packaging) and room up-keeps.

Level 2

 (320 hrs)

Assisting practice under supervision

As interns begin their Level II hours, their responsibilities are again increased slowly. During the first two weeks of their Level II hours, interns are instructed to practice the various techniques of removing needles safely and painlessly before they are taught to insert the needles on patients. At the end of the Level II hours, interns will have met their objectives and ready for the level II Exit Examinations.

Level 3

 (440 hrs)

Solo practice under supervision

The main objective for Level III internship is to prepare the interns for solo practice so that upon graduating from the program, they are ready to perform on their own. Level III interns are to provide under supervision the comprehensive patient charting, diagnoses, treatment with acupuncture and herbal formulations. Toward the end of their Level III Phase, Interns may be assisted by a beginning Level II intern or be observed by a student observer.

Each phase has an increasingly level of responsibility for patient care resulting in the ability to function independently by graduation. 960 instructional hours acupuncture training is dedicated to patient care and management during the internship program to prepare interns for future private practice as primary healthcare providers.

Photo of AMU clinic exterior


48 units / 960 hrs

After completing 69 quarter units of specific didactic course requirements as defined in the Clinic Entrance Exam Application form, students may register for Level I after successfully passing this exam. Students must also have a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid certificate among other requirements before registering for the clinic.


An orientation to the acupuncture clinic for entering interns. All aspects of clinic procedures including professional dress code, equipment safety code, patient practitioner relationship, proper medical charting format, traditional Chinese medical therapies, clean needle technique protocol and prevention of infection from bloodborne pathogens are presented. Students will practice and role play intake of patient proper handling of equipments and treatment of patients. During this 40-clinical hours, students will directly observe exclusive treatment from clinic supervisor including their intake, exam, diagnosis and treatment. Students will then discuss the case with the supervisor.


Passing grade on Clinic Internship Entrance exam and current C.P.R.card.

BS110, BS120, BS130, BS221 – 224, OM111 – 112, OM201 – 203, AC100,

AC111 – 112, AC201 – 202, HB110, At least 2 of HB121 – 124, WM100, WM310

Clinic Practice Form

Break Time Grading

Break Time Makeup Grading-Sheet

Daily Internship Patient Log Sheet

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