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Herbal Medicine 

45  Units 450 Hours

Chinese Herbology Series

This four course series discusses individual herbs by category.  Discussion cover more than 100 Chinese herbs, by classification, name, taste, properties, entering channels, actions, indications, contraindications, and preparation. Also introduces a few commonly used formulas for each category.

Chinese Herbology 1      3 units / 30 hrs

Exterior Releasing Herbs, Herbs that Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity and Downward Draining Herbs, Expel Wind / Dampness, Aromatic Herbs, and Drain Dampness Herbs.

Chinese Herbology 2      3 units / 30 hrs

Herbs that drain dampness, transform and dispel wind dampness, warm the interior, expelling cold, regulate qi, relieve food stagnation and expel parasites.

Chinese Herbology 3      3 units / 30 hrs

Herbs that regulate blood, transform phlegm and relieve coughing, calm the spirit, as well as aromatic herbs that open the orifices

Chinese Herbology 4      3 units / 30 hrs

Herbs include herbs that tonify Qi, warms the Yang, nourish the Yin, nourish Blood, astringent herbs, extinguish wind and stop tremors, emetics and herbs for external application.

Prerequisite: None

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