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Acupuncture     27 Units     270 Hours

Acupuncture Anatomy Series

This two-course series provides a detailed study of point locations and primary channel pathways in relation to anatomical regions, nerves, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and vessels, with an emphasis on channel and collateral theory. Study of the points located on the 14 meridians, including names and anatomical locations, 15 collateral points, 8 extra channels, and non-channel points.

Acupuncture Anatomy 1   

Channels and associated acupoints covered in this course include those of: Hand and Foot Taiyin, Hand and Foot Yangming, Hand and Foot Taiyang, and Hand Shaoyin.

Acupuncture Anatomy 2

Channels and associated acupoints covered in this class include those of: Foot Shaoyin, Hand and Foot Jueyin, Hand and Foot Shaoyang, as well as extra points and points of the 8 extraordinary vessels.

Prerequisite: None. Recommended:  BS221

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