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Herbal Medicine 

45  Units 450 Hours

Chinese Herbal Formula Series

This course is a comprehensive introduction to Chinese Herbal Formulas for various clinical applications. Students will learn the herbal components of each formula and the role that each herb plays within the formula. In addition, students will learn modifications, clinical applications, and contra-indications of the formulas. The entire course consists of four part.

Chinese Herbal Formula 1      3 units / 30 hrs

Formulas used for diaphoretic, purgative, harmonizing, antipyretics and summer heat clearing.

Chinese Herbal Formula 2      3 units / 30 hrs

Formulas used for warming, exterior releasing, tonifying, sedation, resuscitation, and astringents.

Chinese Herbal Formula 3      3 units / 30 hrs

Formulas with carminative, blood regulating, anticonvulsant, and moisturizing characteristics.

Chinese Herbal Formula 4      3 units / 30 hrs

Formulas with diuretic, phlegm expelling,  anti-parasitic, and anti-abscess qualities. 

Prerequisite: OM201-203 and three courses from HB121-124

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