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Comprehensive Review 

6 Units  60 Hours

Comprehensive Review

This two part course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive review of the entire curriculum including TCM Theory, Acupuncture, Herbology, Basic Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Patient Assessment and Diagnosis.  Review courses are emphasized on methods to pass the graduation examination and the California Acupuncture Board Licensing Examination.

Comprehensive Review I       3 units / 30 hrs

General Review of TCM Basic Theory and Diagnosis,  Acupuncture point location and physiology, Commonly used herbs and cautions and contraindications with herbal formulas, anatomy and physiology, terminology  and pharmacology.

Comprehensive Review II       3 units / 30 hrs

General Review of TCM Internal Medicine, Shanghan Wen Bing, Acupuncture meridian review and therapeutics, WM Pathology and Physiology, Integrative medicine focusing on diagnosis and treatment using acupuncture and herbal formulas. 

Prerequisite:    Concurrent:  Clinic Level III or equivalent

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