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Professional Practice 

27 Units  270 Hours

Clinical Management       3 units / 30 hrs

This course provides students with the information they need to apply their acupuncture training skills in a business-like manner in a variety of clinical settings. The emphasis is on a practical application of business and professional skills and information necessary to provide acupuncture health care to an ever-growing population of patients. This course will teach students to understand the synergistic nature of the professional, ethical, financial and marketing skills necessary to run a primary health care practice in the USA in the 21st century and will prepare students to set up, run and/or maintain a viable practice.  Course will cover insurance billing, maintenance and release of records, personal injury and Workman’s Compensation procedures.  Other topics include patient communication skills, counseling, confidentiality, and public service.


Prerequisite: None

Medical Ethics       3 units / 30 hrs

This course focuses on the ethical considerations of practice management, including lectures and discussions on ethics, jurisprudence, and current issues affecting the modern health care practitioner. Topics as informed consent, patient referral, legal requirements of record keeping, office liability, insurance laws, and malpractice are covered.  The laws and regulations of the California Acupuncture Board and other government agencies will be thoroughly reviewed.  Students will gain familiarity with ethical issues facing modern integrated health care practitioners and an understanding of the legal responsibilities of private practitioners. Additionally, students will be taught the ethics of business management, including marketing strategies and insurance billing, and the laws and regulations of local and federal governments as regards Medical Ethics.

Prerequisite: None

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