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Academic Progress

The University operates on the quarter system program, with each quarter consisting of 10 weeks of class work. Each quarter unit is equivalent to 10 hours of class. A grade is assigned for each registered course. The final grade is determined by the total points accumulated by the student as listed in the individual course syllabus. Clinical practice coursework and some other coursework receive a “Pass” or “No Pass” grade based on the completion of performance objectives. The academic courses are graded with a standard letter grading methodology. 


Students Records | In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the University protects the privacy of student records, including address, phone number, grades and attendance dates. Student records are permanently kept in locked fireproof file cabinets and a backup copy of student records is kept on an off-site server. Students have the right to review their academic file by submitting a request to the Registrar. 


Student records are maintained at the school site for five years from the last date of attendance. Transcripts are maintained permanently.


At graduation, students are provided with a copy of their official transcript and diploma at no additional cost. Students requesting additional copies of their transcript must do so in writing and pay a $15 fee for each copy of the transcripts.

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