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Student Grievances

Alhambra Medical University has created a Grievance Committee for processing and addressing student grievances. The following implementation procedures are delineated for students to observe:


All students are encouraged to resolve difficulties by direct discussion with the parties involved. If resolution is not achieved by direct communication, contact the administration. If resolution is still not forthcoming then grievance(s) can be handled through the following steps:


  • An appointment may be scheduled with the Dean of Students and the grievance can be discussed. Any necessary parties may be called into this meeting. A written report will be kept in the student file.

  • If the Dean of Students decision is not satisfactory to the parties involved, a meeting of the Grievance Committee can be requested. The Grievance Committee consists of one faculty member, one member of the administration and one student representative. A request must be made in writing and filed with the President. The President will schedule a meeting of the Grievance Committee within two weeks after the written request has been received. The person(s) filing the grievance may be requested to appear before the Grievance Committee. A decision will be rendered within seven days of the Grievance Committee meeting.

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